Problem statement :

We need to create a partnership of equals, mass adoption will come from a respected crypto-funded NPO/NGO that helps the world improve!


Describe your solution to the problem

Build a Worldwide Crypto funded NPO/NGO focused on improving our planet & living sustainably by curating & funding innovators & innovations


Relevant experience

I have 43 Years of business experience in Finance, Real Estate, Internet, Corporate & Lifestyle including not-for-profit & waste management



Detailed plan


Welcome to our Proposal!


If you prefer you can watch this plan in the video below (Does not include the List of Projects which is below).


PLEASE NOTE: Even though commenting is turned of here on IdeaScale, you can still comment, suggest and chat on - I am looking for co-submitters, collaborators, Projects to fund when we launch our iHEAR Native Token (12 Sept?), do you know about tokenomics? Haskel Code - Our aim is decentralisation ASAP if you can help improve this proposal - Please get in touch!


Contents of this Proposal

The Primary Objective of our Proposal.

Introduction to iHEAR Trust concept.

About Us, Team & Team Building

Overview of project & activities.

iHEAR Trust - Housing Projects

iHEAR Trust - Ecology Projects

iHEAR Trust - Affordability Projects

iHEAR Trust - Recycling Projects

Study of United Nations Development Program & World Bank Group Activities

Road map overview: 3 Years to date, 3 Month, 6 Month & 12 Month objectives

Social Media Links

Cardano IdeaScale - 27 Insights & 10 Projects Submitted

Budget Line Items


The Primary Objective of our Proposal.

The Cardano Blockchain needs to build an International non-profit & non-governmental organisation on a par with the biggest international organisations. This is not only for respect, this will also drive mass understanding of the industry and thereby facilitating mass adoption & use of cryptocurrencies & blockchain based services.

By building our own organisation we can participate in the projects of other organisations on an equal footing.


We should create our own global organisation targeting all of the common objectives of United Nations Development Program, World Bank Group and others, totally funded and managed with cryptocurrency. Then we will have the attention and cooperation of these entities together with mass adoption of the Cardano blockchain ecosystem.

Our organisation would benefit from becoming a fully decentralised autonomus organisation (DAO), ensuring that the activities deal with real lifestyle problems articulated in plain language by the people it effects, using digital industry governance and voting models promoted by Cardano in this Catalyst experiment we will eliminate politics and bureaucracy. Our governance model should be agile & responsive, able to take action quickly and make corrective adjustments as necessary.


I would like to introduce you to iHEAR Trust "Using CryptoCurrency to Solve the Planet's Problems" A Not-for-Profit Company. iHEAR Trust was incorporated as a registered UK Non-Profit Company in 2018.




Why International?

In order to make effective improvements we must use joined-up-thinking. We must also re-balance the differentials between developed and developing countries in terms of access to technology, information, investment, housing and sanitation.


Why Housing?

The biggest negative effects human beings have on this planet revolve around where and how we live. Dealing with our poor recycling efforts, the throw-away society, old styles of construction amongst many other issues will have a positive impact on all aspects of our climate and ecosystem.


Why Ecology?

Operating purely for financial gain would be a big mistake and missed opportunity. Using our housing as a focus to reduce our negative impact on the planet is a natural and efficient way to address concerns about the deterioration we have created to the land, seas and sky.


Why Affordable?

Most corporations are run with one objective in mind: ever growing profits for the shareholders. Add this to the well-established fact that there is a worldwide shortage of appropriate living accommodation, it can be no surprise that the cost of housing has risen far more than the increase in household incomes. We will work to use profits, created in the developed world, to subsidise projects in the developing worlds and find innovative methods of reducing costs or introducing new affordable financing models.


Why Recycling?

There is value in our rubbish, much of it can be reprocessed & reused, even landfills can be emptied to create energy & useable materials.

It has been established there are more precious metals available in our electronic equipment than is feasibly left to mine below ground, except for a small number of organisations there is little effort to recover and reuse these rare assets.


Why CryptoCurrencies?

We will achieve our objectives by using the power of cryptocurrencies, asset tokenisation, blockchain ledgers, smart contracts, and decentralised applications. Because this will facilitate our operations with borderless financing, an international network of people, interested in our objectives, who can supply the necessary skills to bring our mission and vision to fruition.


You can Download our White Paper Below


Why Cardano?

We see the international vision of IOG & Cardano perfectly in line with our own ambitions, we believe we will benefit greatly from the way the Cardano Blockchain has been built & developed and how this 3rd generation ecosystem will facilitate interoperability with existing dApps and the new ones to come.


About Us, Team & Team Building

Since 2018, when iHEAR Trust Limited was incorporated, all of the funding, research & development of this project has been funded by and developed by me through my primary business, Carl Henry Global


It is now time to build a brand-new team that will focus specifically on developing iHEAR Trust, this will include executive directors, committee leaders and members of the sub-committees that will run the projects around the world.


iHEAR Trust is born out of my 40 plus years (Since 1978) in business drawing from several of the businesses I have operated including Finance, Real Estate, Internet (since 1998), Corporate structures, Lifestyle businesses and all types of marketing.


Carl Henry Linkedin:

If you are interested in joining the iHEAR Trust team, offer help, propose projects or ask questions send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or through one of our social media channels.


iHEAR Trust - Projects

Who is iHEAR Trust for?

Simply, everyone and everything living on our planet earth. Our work will be guided though our focus on housing, ecology, affordability & Recycling. Our aim is to help "join-up" the thinking around the world so efforts are more co-ordinated.


iHEAR Trust - International Projects & Activities

What iHEAR Trust will do?

iHEAR Trust, a non-profit organisation will raise funding by launching a Cardano Native Token called "iHEAR" as soon as decentralised exchanges are created on the Cardano Blockchain (12th September?). It will be the first global non-governmental organisation entirely funded by cryptocurrency and all operations will be run on the Cardano Blockchain.

Our Token Listing:

We will use the value created, by selling our token, to deepen our research, reach formal relationships with partners & innovators, build our multi-lingual international team, become an incubator for new technologies and projects that will help our planet, improve living standards internationally, support new projects, developing open-source techniques, and supplying financial & manpower resources.


Here are specific examples of projects and activities we will focus on initially:


iHEAR Trust - Housing Projects

Add or improve Sanitation systems.

Improve & manage availability of clean water.

Incorporating Clean power into new & existing housing.

Design smart homes with Internet connectivity for all.

Improving Live/Work accommodation for the poorest.

Use offsite modular construction to fill the housing shortages.

Use offsite modular construction to make housing affordable.

Develop a standardised ISO modular construction system.

Create a fund to support Rent to Buy/Rent to Own housing.

Build homeless & refugee shelters.

Replace substandard slums, shanty towns and favela.

Find & create new sustainable building materials.

Create building materials from existing waste.


iHEAR Trust - Ecology Projects

Land - Re-forestation & green walls.

Land - de-desertification & green walls.

Land - Reducing river pollution & filtration systems.

Land - Protecting animals & their habitats.

Land - Urban Greening & vertical gardens.

Sky - Reducing industrial pollution.

Sky - Improving urban air quality.

Seas - Collecting plastics & other waste.

Seas - Protecting marine habitats & species.

Seas - Creating Fresh water.


iHEAR Trust - Affordability Projects

Build a team of accountants to track global financial data.

Build a team of accountants to run tokenomics & maximise treasury value.

Use the Cardano Blockchain & smart contracts to reduce cost & improve efficiency.

Create profits in developed countries with housing & environmental projects.

Subsidise housing & projects in developing countries.

Help people to own their home using Rent to Buy/Own contracts.

Reduce supply chain costs of Building & Construction Materials.

Reduce building materials costs with alternative materials.

Reduce cost of computers, smart phones & electronics by recycling.


iHEAR Trust - Recycling Projects

Urban Mining - High temperature processing of waste in existing landfills

eMining - Recovery of precious metals & elements in old electronic equipment.

Reuse- Refurbishing of used electronic equipment to resell or donate.

Plasma Factories - creating plasma rock from rubbish to be used for building.

Automated machinery - Developing new waste sorting and recycling processes.

Garbage patches - Developing new techniques to recover sea waste & reuse.

Wasted energy recovery - Develop new techniques to recover energy from waste.


We will be welcoming project proposals that need funding and other support to help solve the key planetary problems.


United Nations Development Programme & World Bank Group Activities



The two organisations mentioned in this challenge are the United Nations Development Programme and World Bank Group, I have studied their activities in order to align our efforts & also to fill any gaps that exist. Both organisations welcome co-operation & involvement of other organisations in their projects. Here are my general findings on their primary activities:


United Nations Development Programme -

Ending poverty & Improving Health

Helping people fulfill their potential & prosper

Reverse degradation of the planet

Manage natural resources & climate change

Promote peace & reduce violence

Develop global Partnerships to achieve the mission

Creating access to financial services.


NB: There are 17 Sustainable Development Goals but the list above is where the focus is currently.


World Bank Group -

Ending poverty & promoting prosperity

Sustainable living practices

Agriculture research & support

Education for all ages & both sexes

Renewable & non-renewable energy research

Financial sector projects & study

Housing, manufacturing, tourism & trade projects

Information & communications services

Road, rail, air & water Transportation

Water, sanitation & waste management projects


The Conclusion?

The Cryptocurrency and Blockchain industry must show it is not just, playing "money games", we should show that we are fulfilling a Global leadership role, in things people care about and we can build an international non-profit & non-governmental organisation.

We can show how an organisation build for the benefit of people can be governed by the people who speak ordinary language and talk about properly identified problems to solve. The sustainable development goals of the United Nations do cover the ground necessary but are mere statements of the obvious, if you try to read the detail you will see it has been written by bureaucrats using complicated language that seems to aim to please the reader rather than identify core daily problems to solve.

Thank you for reading our proposal, looking forward to responding to any queries.


Best wishes,

Carl Henry


Roadmap - to date (Completed)

Incorporation of Not-for-Profit Company: July 2018.
Registered details:
Building website & social media.
Extensive research into housng, ecology, affordable & Recycling.
iHEAR Token created on Cardano Assets:
Submitted insights & Proposals to Cardano IdeaScale.


Roadmap Overview - 3 Months (Requesting part funding for this phase)

Launch the iHEAR Cardano Token on a Cardano DEX (Decentralised Exchange), finalise tokenisation, build token liquidity and Market capitalisation. The target for this is the end of September if everything goes smoothly on the 12th Sept 2021.
Build administration & marketing team.

Appoint Committee Organisers for 9 main areas of the world: North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Middle East, Central Asia, Southeast Asia, Asia & Australia.
Work with the committee organisers to start building full committees for their countries and languages that will identify projects and assess them.
Build the number of holders owning the iHEAR Token & increase market capitalisation.
Begin identifying core activities that can be decentralised and run by smart contracts, then developing the required code or working with existing suppliers of Cardano based dApps.
Begin formal reaching out & negotiations with identified projects for further research, partnerships, funding requirements and proposals.
Set up a structured IdeaScale account (Or similar) for the submission of ideas & proposals.


Roadmap Overview - 6 Months (Not a Fund 6 Project)

Continue to work with the committee organisers to build committees for their countries and languages that will identify projects and assess them.
Build the number of holders owning the iHEAR Token & increase market capitalisation.
Reaching out & negotiations with identified projects for further research, partnerships, funding requirements and proposals.
Begin dialogue with the United Nations Development Programme, World Bank Group and others to identify potential areas of mutual co-operation.


Roadmap Overview - 12 Months (Not a Fund 6 Project)

Build the number of holders owning the iHEAR Token & increase market capitalisation.
Reaching out & negotiations with identified projects for further research, partnerships, funding requirements and proposals.
Continue to work with the committee organisers to identify projects and assess them.
Start funding suitable projects with the United Nations Development Programme, World Bank Group and others. 


Social Media

Facebook Page:

Facebook Group:






Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Cardano IdeaScale - 27 Insights & 10 Projects Submitted

Carl Henry Global is committed to working with the Cardano Ecosystem and working to improve it, if you would like to see our other submissions please visit our profile:

Budget Line Items

$5,000 - Administration, data entry & Research.

$3,000 - Translations.

$5,000 - Consultation fees for launch of iHEAR Token.

$2,000 - Marketing costs.

Requested funds in USD 15000

Media (YouTube link)

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